Our Mission

At Goal Roast Coffee, we LOVE, well coffee of course! But we are also passionate about youth sports and believe in providing opportunities for all kids to participate.

We understand that unfortunately, many kids are denied access to these life-changing activities simply because they can not afford to participate. Our mission is simple... keep kids off the sidelines and get them in the game!

To support this mission, we donate a portion of each sale to organizations dedicated to removing cost as a barrier in youth sports.

By purchasing from us, you not only receive high-quality products but also contribute to the advancement of youth sports.

Join us in making a difference and empowering young athletes.

Together, let's support youth sports and create a level playing field for all children.

But they're just games. Why is that so important?

Well, ok, you got us there. They are just “games”. And families are busy enough. The truth is, extracurricular activities like youth sports can be a major commitment. Between work and other obligations, it’s not easy for parents to get kids to practices and games. Some people think that youth sports aren’t important at all. Others believe youth sports can be too competitive. There are many challenges, but there are also many benefits to participating in sports that go far beyond the field, court, or arena

Improved health - Let's start with the obvious. We all know that physical activity is extremely important. In fact, studies show that exercise may even be able to prevent some chronic diseases as effectively as medication. Healthy habits that start early on tend to continue into adulthood.

Positive impact on education - Many young people who participate in sports become very goal driven, and gain confidence. Sports also helps to improve and develop cognitive skills. These positive qualities can carry over into the classroom. Physical activity in general has been tied to improved grades and test scores, can affect concentration, and can even improve classroom behavior. Student athletes are also more likely to have strong educational and career goals as well. Additionally, high school athletes are more likely to go to college than non-athletes.

Ability to face and overcome challenges - Through playing sports, children can learn to make quick decisions and to work as a team. Qualities that will serve them well later on as they settle into careers and in life in general. Young athletes sometimes experience the discomfort that comes from being in the spotlight or having teammates and coaches depend upon them. They also learn to deal with the disappointment of losing sooner or later. Thankfully, they’ll have the full support of their coaches and families. They learn that they have the strength to face adversity. Tough experiences in sports can help young people build resilience that stays with them for a lifetime.

Social and personal growth - Youth sports is an amazing way for kids to meet people that they may not have met otherwise. Being on a team can give children a chance to get to know others in their neighborhood, school, and local area. Many find that these friendships last well beyond the end of the season. Some even form lifetime friendships. Playing in local leagues also helps build stronger connections with the community. Young people have a chance to get to know the coaches, officials, ad other parents who can be important role models. Children also get to see the value of volunteer service first-hand. They can come to understand what it means to contribute to their community.

Below, you'll see the organizations we donate to. So go ahead and grab a bag (or multiple bags) of coffee, and you'll be
helping a child in need. Let us know which organization you want to help, and we will donate 10% of your order to them.

Great Coffee + Great Cause = Winning Team

Leveling The Playing Field

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